Balkan Express

Šport in akcija - dolgi (tekmovalni)

Philipp Becker, Johannes Muller, Jochen Mesle, Max Kroneck / 40 / 2022 / Norway & Germany

Na sporedu:

  • 28. 12. 2022, 20:00, KULTURNI DOM BOVEC

Cycling and skiing Europe's wildest mountains. The mountaineers Max Kroneck and Jochen Mesle book a one-way train ticket from Munich to Thessaloniki – and start their way back home. Along the route they explore the mountains of the Balkans, look for the most beautiful ski runs and get to know the local mountain communities.
The documentary captures their personal experiences from over 2.500km on the road. A challenging adventure across ten degrees of latitude and a respectful approach to some of the wildest mountains in Europe.


Jury Award Filmfest St. Anton 2022,
Audience Award Filmfest St. Anton 2022,
Finalist Banff Mountain Film Festival 2022

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  • Dolina SOČE
  • Občina Bovec

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  • Sokol
  • Svet in ljudje
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