1. The 12th Bovec Outdoor Film Festival – BOFF 2018 is named after the town of Bovec where it will be taking place for the 12th year in a row from 28th to 30th December. The main event is film festival but  various subevents like: guest speakers, bookstand, exhibitions and workshops are presented there for several years, too.

The topic and leading theme of movies is outdoor sports, but other sports will not be deselected automatically. We also screen nature movies, where prefer such which shows and explain environmental problems. However, we invite you to submit your film for the BOFF 2018

2. The films will be divided into five categories. For more information click here.
- Sport and action – long
- Sport and action – short
- Nature and ecology
- Era
- Commercial and advertising movies

3. The following prizes may be awarded:
    Public choice  award for best Slovenian movie  (up to 450 euros)
    Public choice  award for best  movie  overall (up to 450 euros)

4. The festival is open to all film-makers: professionals, freelancers or amateurs. Authors may choose to submit more than one movie(max. 3), each with its own entry form.

5. There is no entry fees to the BOFF 2018 (except for the shipping costs ).

DEADLINE: 29th October 2018

6. All entries for all the categories must be submitted electronically. For the online application form please follow the steps to access our FTP server:

We can also download  your movie from your: Dropbox, WeTransfer, SendSpace, FTP or other downloading servers.

Technical instructions for submitting entries are regularly revised and updated. All specifications regarding entries submitted in the form of video data are upgraded to HD quality with aspect ratio of 16:9. If HD quality is not available for submitting, SD quality will be accepted. Bearing that in mind, the organiser does not accept any responsibility for poor quality of submitted materials.

Resolution: Full HD (1920 X 1080 px) (preferable) 16:9 Widescreen
HD (1280 x 720 px) 16:9 widescreen
PAL (16:9 or 4:3) – 720 X 576 minimum (acceptable)
Video codec: MOV (H264, min 15 – max 40 mbps)
Container: MP4, AVI

File size: up to 2 GB

Note: please upload a video with the best possible resolution and within the file size limit. Should you wish to upload the file size of your video larger than 360 mb, please contact the festival’s office at info (at)

Image entries must be uploaded as JPEG files only. Please send as good quality as you can!

Also, you have the classical option to send us two copies burned on DVD media (2 x DVD), completed with printed entry form, trailer and pictures. All pictures will be used for festival media coverage and own needs.

7. The production year of the films should be from the years 2016, 2017 or 2018. The production year of films in the category Era could be exeption.

8. Film has to be dubbed or subtitled in English. All other entries must include a translation in the form of a text file .DOC format, .RTF format or .TXT format will be accepted. Please make sure to use Unicode script.

9. The Organizer of the Festival will determine the order of the projection of thefilms and the criteria for screening the films at the Festival. According to theme and programme your movie  could  be selected for  another category.

10. Parts of each submitted film (not more than 3 minutes) can be used in video clips for the television, but only for the promotional purposes of the Bovec Outdoor Film Festival. The information about the authors and some photographs from the films will also be used for the purposes of making brochures, media coverage, and presentation on the Festival’s web page.

11. All authors are therefore asked to grant permission for the non-commercial use of the films for cultural events organised in collaboration with sports associations, schools and cultural institutions (see entry form). For any other use, the Festival will contact the author or the holder of rights in due time. The winning films could  be screened at different locations among Slovenia  in the year 2019. (Winners Tour BOFF 2018)

12. The person or author submitting the enty form must also be the rights holder of or must have the permission for the music used in the film.

13. The Bovec Outdoor Film Festival will cover the expenses of accommodation  for one representative for each film for the day when his/her film is screened. The expenses are covered for one person (director, scenarist, cameraman, main actor, etc.), the others may get a special discount upon premilimary reservation at the festival’s office. The organizer will not cover the travelling expenses for the participants at BOFF 2018 (If there is not special agreement  or other our interest).

14. In case of sending us material via normal post, please follow these instructions: the movie must be in good technical condition, accompanied with the printed entry form, trailer and some photos. Entry forms and films are to be sent to the following address:
ŠD Drča (za BOFF)
Brdo 67
5230 Bovec
Slovenia _ EU

Please write on the package – »Unmarketable products for cultural purposes only«, for customs clearance. Unless arrangements are made in advance, the BOFF shall not return submitted materials and also we do NOT cover any costs for shipping like Ups, Dhl, FedEx, etc.  The Festival Board accepts no responsibility for damages the films may suffer during transport. In case of dispatch via courier, the organizing Committee would like to be informed about this in advance on the phone number 386 51 235 616 or via e-mail: info(at)

15. For more information about the Bovec Outdoor Film Festival, please contact us via info(at) or look in contacts for more.

16. Deadline for submitting the entry forms and films is: 29th October 2018.

Welcome to the 12th BOFF!

Oktober 2018

Glavni pokrovitelji:

  • Dolina SOČE
  • Občina Bovec

Ostali pokrovitelji:

  • E3 energetika ekologija ekonomija
  • Petrol
  • TKK Nova Gorica
  • Hotel Sanje ob Soči
  • Renault / Trgo ABC
  • Adriatic Slovenica
  • supermjau
  • campLiza
  • STRITIH Trajnostni Razvoj
  • Continental
  • Kaskader

Festival podpirajo:

  • Gostilna pod Lipco
  • Extremevital
  • Knjižnica Cirila Kosmača Tolmin - enota Bovec

Medijski pokrovitelji:

  • Sokol
  • Svet in ljudje
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