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Binod Adhikari / 30 / 2022 / Nepal

Kami Rita Sherpa successfully ascends the Mount Everest for the 23rd time. He embarks the most difficult journey on the planet earth with utmost easiness.

Mount Everest has been ascended by many mountaineers since Tenzing Norgay Sherpa and Sir Edmund Hilary reached the top in 1953. Kami Rita Sherpa is one among them. But Kami has his own unique story. Kami, the already record holder for most summits on the Everest, prepares for his 23rd attempt.  This short documentary chronicles around the successful summit of Kami’s 23rd attempt. He embarks the most difficult journey on the planet earth with utmost easiness.

Director’s Intention:
The topic of mountain has always been fascinating to me from my childhood. I have heard different stories of the people who scaled the Mount Everest. All the mountaineers have their own stories but the story of Kami Ritar Sherpa started hitting me ever since he became the person with most summits. I was even more fascinated when he broke his own records almost every year.
Me, being an enthusiast, started to capture the journey of his 23rd attempt. The summer of 2019 became a wild experience for me as I love to travel myself. I tried to capture the heroic journey of the legend himself. I tried to capture the moments with a normal point of view. I tried to share the basic human journey. Kami’s journey was covered up with ease. He scaled the mighty Everest with almost easy attempt. The footage captured in the camera recorded all this and the final edit came up with the sole intention of an easy journey on the most difficult path.
I want to tell this successful journey of Kami not because he is inspiring but because he is so normal and humane. The normal and humane tale that connects every people around the world is what I have tried to make. I want the world to see the normal story behind often ‘abnormal’ image.

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